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Welcome to the Genesee Academy Data Vault Certification page.  Here you will learn more about the purpose, history, value and current status of the data vault certification process. 

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The Certified Data Vault Data Modeler (CDVDM) was established in 2007 by Genesee Academy, LLC.  At that time Dan Linstedt and Hans Hultgren recognized that for data vault modeling to succeed, there would need to be a consistent benchmark.  The core fundamentals of data vault modeling should be consistently communicated so that practioners can count on a stable frame of reference.

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Since that time Genesee Academy has taught thousands of students, in dozens of countries, across four continents.  Local market partners including Top of Minds, Centennium, Affecto, Analytics8, Altis, Optimal BI, ECI, IT Works, and BI Academy are committed to working with Genesee Academy to coordinate these events.  Today there over 1500 people have attended the CDVDM course and about 4 out of 5 of these attendees passed the mastery level to become certified CDVDM professionals (List). 
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CDVDM Value = {Expertise + Clarity + Learning + Rigor + Consistency}

The value of the CDVDM is the highest level of subject matter expertise, the clarity of concepts and lack of ambiguity, the highly optimized learning techniques based on a blended hybrid delivery technique and an interactive applied pedagogy, the professional and highly rigorous class delivery and certification process, and the consistency of both course quality and core concepts as delivered around the globe. 

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CDVDM Benefits = {Knowledge + Confidence + Recognition + Interaction}
The benefits for those attending is first and foremost the knowledge that you gain.  Those who complete the course and score at a mastery level on the certification exam do have a solid understanding of the data vault modeling concepts.  You will gain the confidence of knowing that you understand the concepts in relation to the global standard and of course you will be formally recognized for your level of data vault knowledge.  Another benefit is the interaction that you experience as part of the course.  Working with peers, colleagues and experts you can challenge ideas and discuss issues through valuable interactive labs and case workshops.

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Structure of the CDVDM

The CDVDM course is delivered using a blended-learning approach.  This is a form of hybrid pedagogy that includes multiple components.  The components include:

   A) Classroom-based 3-day seminar course (lectures, labs and discussions)
   B) Online streaming video lessons (classroom instructor, white board & slides)
   C) Quiz and Survey instruments for check-point assessments
   D) Proctored Certification Exam including modeling

The classroom component spans three days and includes a combination of lectures, labs, and discussions.  In general the classroom time is split 35% lectures, 40% labs/cases, and 25% for interactive discussions.

Note that since much of the core theory is covered with the video lessons in advance of the classroom sessions, the time for lectures can be limited to a recap of core concepts and to cover and explain more advanced concepts. 

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The labs are based on a set of three (3) cases that are covered during the classroom sessions.  These are small group exercises (ideally 3-5 students per group).  The small group dynamic works very well for these modeling based exercises.  A good percentage of the actual learning process comes from applying the knowledge to analyze, design and model a solution.  The group interaction greatly supports this process by allowing for an exchange of ideas as the concepts are being processed and applied.
As the content is being delivered and as the labs are discussed there is a good amount of interactive discussion with the broader group.  This serves to solidify the concepts as there are always questions that arise when you move from concepts to modeling.

The online video lessons are delivered in a unique engaging format that has proven very effective for learning the fundamentals.  These lessons are delivered through DataVaultAcademy.com.

The goal of these blended components is to optimize the students learning experience.  This means mastery of the core learning objectives.  We measure this using the rigorous certification exam assessment.

The CDVDM Classroom Experience

Here and throughout this site you will see a series of photos from Genesee Academy courses and sessions over the years.  Structuring a strong, interactive and engaging classroom experience is a key goal for all courses and seminars.

Reviewing the first group lab

Working on the second case

Analysis of the third case

Is Address a Hub?

Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse

The interactive process of learning

In the south of Holland

Contemplating and stating your case

Paper size = XL

Group presenting a model in class

Coffee is included

Remco supporting several groups; large classes have multiple facilitators

Students taking the Certification Exam

Erik explaining how it is done

Ronald taking the reigns

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Analyzing, Discussing, Designing, Modeling...

Let's look at this Hub again

The calm here is the certification exam


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